Second, We need to know whats there now. Do we need to remove concrete,grass and sprinkers or just dirt. Again helps for an accurate bid.


Millions of fiber in the concrete to prevent seperation

         Broom finish

For exterior concrete gives traction and helps with drainge

swirl finish

Decorative look that is cheaper than stamp gives great traction

Third Need to find out how much strength you need from your concrete or how much abuse the concrete will get. If your going to drive heavy loads on your concrete, high traffic area or just want more strength. We can add more cement powder into the mix to bring up the psi of the concrete which makes your concrete stronger. We can also add fibermesh to reinforce the concrete mix.Or reinforcre your concrete other ways with wire mesh or rebar.

First find out the square feet of your project. Take the length multiply it by the width gives you the square ft. Need to know for the bidding process

​Project builder


6 inch grid of steel wire to prevent seperation and uneven pads

             Smooth finish 

For interiors or stained floors.Easy to sweep and clean

                 stamp finish

Gives a great decorative look with sealer will make concrete last longer

Fourth we need to know what kind of finish you want on your concrete.We can put a smooth finish for interiors,broom finish the concrete for exteriors.Or we can color and stamp your project.

We would like the opportunity  to come out and help design and layout your project for free. For the do it your selfers here is a guide to help you with your design. I have provided gragh paper with a scale to help design your project on paper. Also stamp designs and colos of concrete and color stains.

      Rebar grid

More for suspended or heavy load areas.